New butadiene plant and expansion MBTE factory Evonik Degussa Antwerp

Antwerp is the largest foreign branch of the global operating German chemical company Evonik Industries. On the Antwerp site of the 109 hectares eleven production units are situated, each with its own specific function and its own end products.

To increase the production capacity a new Butadiene factory with a production capacity of 100,000 tons is being realized on the site of Evonik Antwerp. Butadiene is a raw material for rubber. It can influence the flexibility of plastic materials. It is used in synthetic rubber for tires, shoe soles and carpet soils. In addition, the existing MTBE plant gets an additional production capacity of 75,000 tons. MTBE is a substance that increases the octane of fuel carburetors. This results in an improved combustion and better environmental performance. According the plotted timeframe the plants should be able to boot in 2015. The amount of the investment in the expansion of the plant is not released by Evonik.


Evonik Industries outsourced the production of the piles to Jacbo Netherlands bv. Jacbo Netherlands bv then contracted BMNED to take care of the calculations of both the bearing capacity and the reinforcement of the foundation piles. In addition GSNED, the fieldwork department of BMNED, carries out the pecking out of the pile location fields. After the drilling of all the piles GSNED measured the locations of the piles and performed the sonic integrity tests.

Facts & Figures

  • Jacbo Nederland bv
  • Geotechnical fieldwork

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