Project management

Many aspects are discussed in the preparation of a construction project that ultimately all have an impact on the end result. The successful realization of new construction, renovation and renovation projects therefore requires professional project management. BMNED coordinates feasibility studies, carries out financial feasibility studies, mediates with government agencies and initiates enthusiasm and commitment to achieve the desired result.

In the land of laws and regulations, one or more permits are required for almost every project. BMNED takes care of and supervises the entire permit process for you. Our extensive service package allows us to provide the necessary studies that are part of the permit process for you. Several contractors are approached for the work to be carried out and a price level is set. When awarding works, BMNED advises you as the principal which contractor is most suitable.

The implementation guidance that BMNED offers takes place at supervisor and management level. In implementation supervision at supervisor level, the supervisor ensures that the quality of materials used is monitored and that all work is carried out in accordance with the safety plan. The supervisor also keeps a daily report on the progress of the project, which is signed off weekly by the various parties involved. In this way a document about the project is created that excludes discussions as much as possible. At the management level, it is ensured that everything that has been laid down in a contract for a construction project is actually implemented. Performing checks on drawings and chairing board meetings also forms part of executive guidance at management level.

We can also offer services after the realization of a project, for example in the area of ​​management and maintenance. For more information or a free quote, you can always contact us. We are happy to help you.


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