In contrast to many materials, including in particular metals and to a certain extent also wood and concrete, soil behaves absolutely non-linearly with increasing stresses.

For example, soil becomes increasingly stiffer when compressed. In the case of corner deformations, on the other hand, soil is becoming increasingly weaker, which can cause collapse. Moreover, volume changes often occur as a result of these changes. However, when the soil is saturated with water, this counteracts the change in volume, which can result in a considerable pressure increase in the pore water.
In addition, depending on location and depth, digging in the ground will often result in the groundwater level. In such cases, in order to be able to carry out the works in the dry and to guarantee the stability of the construction pit, an artificial groundwater level reduction will be necessary.

BMNED has years of experience and specialist knowledge in providing geotechnical advice. This may include, for example:

  • Advising in, designing and calculating foundation structures, both on steel and on piles;
  • Advising in, designing and calculating soil (water) retaining structures;
  • Advising in, designing and calculating (return) drainage and infiltration systems;
  • Conducting settlement analyzes as a result of pre-taxes and / or groundwater abstractions;
  • Calculating the settlement and distortion behavior of structures;
  • Conducting stability studies of temporary and / or permanent embankments, roads and / or dikes;
  • Doing vibration prognoses as a result of pile-driving.

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