Structural design

Due to the increasing world population a creative and intensive use of space is essential. To be able to make optimum use of our (living) environment civil constructions are a necessity. Whether it comes to applications for roads, railways or waterways, with our civil constructions we are working on nice, safe and accessible cities and industrial areas. 

In addition, to maintain the liveability of cities and villages a proper sewage system is a necessity and, if needed, equipped with pumping stations, overflows, storage settling tanks and/or ducts.

Years of experience in earthworks, civil engineering and geohydrological activities provide the proper expertise necessary for transforming and realizing ideas from contractors into executable plans. These could include designing and calculating inter alia;

  • Quay and harbour constructies, both for inland and outgoing vessels;
  • Pier and mooring constructions, both in steel, wood and concrete;
  • (Movable) pedestrian, bicycle and / or road bridges and viaducts, both in steel, wood and concrete;
  • Locks, tunnel constructions and underpasses;
  • Retention basins, drainage wells and pumping stations;
  • Canalization and relief constructions;
  • Noise barriers;
  • Etc... 

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