Structures are everywhere around us. From small to large and from simple to highly complex. These constructions serve a purpose. We live, stay, work and find ourselves in or near structures on a daily basis. Whether it comes to houses, offices or bridges, structures are present everywhere in order for us to be able to live as we do now. Due to the wide variety and applications we always set ourselves always new goals and we look for the limits of the possibilities again and again to be able to these structures to perfect and fine-tune their goals and our wishes.

A human being has a skeleton, a building has its structure. The function of both of them lie closer together than often is thought. Both are intended to strengthen the whole. There are many solutions devised to make a building a firm structure. Substantially all the constructive solutions are intended for the collection and draining of the pressure and tensile forces. The building itself is not enough. Reinforcing a can be carried out in many different ways. Often the greatest force which must be overcome is gravity. Gravity is always present and continuously pulls at a structure. A natural response of a structure on this gravity is that it wants to "collapse". To be able to conquer such a force help is needed. This help can be found in the structure.

A solid building literally stands or falls with a proper structure. A good structure absorbs the forces acting on it, allows it to flow away and has a predetermined strength and flexibility. A structure can be described as the skeleton of a building. A structure carries the construction and ensures that it always maintains its function.

Extensive experience in the field of computing and drawing of steel, wooden and concrete structures provide the expertise which is necessary to turn and develop ideas into executable plans. This could include, for example, calculating and drawing inter alia;

  • Housing and utility;
  • Industrial construction (food industry, (petro) chemical, logistics);
  • Explosion resistant buildings;
  • Pile reinforcement;
  • Etc...

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